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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

SnapSave - App to Save Snapchat Images Videos & Stories

SnapSave For SnapChat: Snapsave is an excellent app to save the Snapchat images and videos easily without much difficulty. Usually, it 's hard to keep the pictures and videos of other users without notifying them. Snapsave is a perfect app to save Snapchat Snapchat Videos Images & Stories. We are with the Snapsave app for Android and iOS which helps to save the Snapchat snaps.

Snapsave is a save screenshot type app which is very useful for the Snapchat users. But before telling more about Snapsave, we are going to say something about Snapchat. Snapchat is one of the favorite apps that has got many users before of its unique features. The most important feature odd Snapchat is that the snaps disappear after you view the same. Everything is good, but every coin has two sides.


It is tough to save the images and videos from Snapchat. But it is possible to save Snapchat pictures and stories with the help of apps like Snapsave. It is very useful to keep beautiful snaps from our favorite ones.

Snapsave - Save Snapchat Images Videos

Snapsave is just another app to save the snapchat images and videos. There are many apps available to get the snaps from snapchat. We will update all the apps to save the Snapchat Images and Videos. Earlier it was available on play store for downloading, but it is not available now due to some reasons. But it is still available for iOS users. We have also got the Snapsave Ask for our users to download for free.

Before going to the details of Best Apps to Save Snapchat Photos & Videos For Android & iOS, we are going to cover the exciting features of the Snapsave app, which helps to save the Snapchat pictures and videos easily.

Features Of SnapSave App

Many exciting features of Snapsave makes you feel beautiful. We will list some of the best features of Snapsave which is used to save the Snapchat snaps easily.

  • It is very easy to keep the snaps of others without knowing others.
  • Simple interface to use.
  • Doesn't need any ROOT access.
  • You can save the snaps without the knoiwledge of your friend.

There are many features which we can mention about the Snapsave app. Nowadays there are some others apps also available to download the snapchat images and videos. But we are using the Snapsave app from the beginning as it has got a wonderul interface. However to download and install the app, one must change his/her Settings to ‘Unknown Sources’ for Android devices.

Installation of Snapsave In Android & iOS

It is very easy to install Snpasave in our android device and iOS devices. Just follow the steps and start saving Snapchat phots and snaps easily without any difficuilty.

  • First Download the Snapsave App fpr android
  • Got to Settings >> Security >> and check the Unknown Sources box.
  • Install the Snapsave Apk as usual.

Download For Android

Download For iOS

How to use Snapsave ?

It is very easy to use the snapsave app in your Android app. We will outline all the steps to use snapsave in your save easily.

  • Open the snapsave app and login to your Snapchat account carefully with username and password.
  • Both the apps will not be accessible simultaneously. As the user opens one app it leads to the log out of the other account at the same moment.
  • Now you are ready to save the snaps sending to you by your friends and buddies.

These are the easy steps to download and use the snapsave app. As we siad you earlier, there are others apps also available to save the Snapchat images and videos. We will give you a short description about those apps in this post.

Best Apps to Save Snapchat Photos & Videos On iOS/Android

Many apps are poping daily to save the snaps from the Snapchat account. We are going to update the most popular ones. Which will be useful for our users.

Snapchat Saver

it is one of the oldest Snapchat saver app that is currently available only for Android devices. It is avaialble for Android to download for free. You can check out the download link in our blog. It also helps to save the snaps and it is user friendly too. Anyone can easily use the apps.


It is another unique way to save Snapchat images and videos. Just download the SnapBox from the playstore and start saving the snaps easily. Lietrally many apps are available for the same purpose and SnapBox is one of the popular one.


It is only available for Android users. It also perfects to send images or videos from your device gallery to Snapchat users. It has more built-in stickers making it more fun to chat with friends.

So you may get an idea about the methods to save the Snapchat images and pictures easily without much difficulty. As we said earlie Snapsave is the best app to save the Snapchat images and stories. You can also try other apps as mentioned in the above section. If you like the post you can check out other posts in our blog. Earlier we searched in Google for the snapsave and we didnt got any useful result. Hope the Snapsave app helps you to save the Snaps.

You can comment your suggestions in the comment box. We will update with other apps for saving the Snapchat snaps. If you like the post, it's the time to share these cool app with your friends. We are signing off and see you in another post.

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