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Monday, August 8, 2016

How To Make Money On Facebook By Posting Links ?

Yes you read it right. You can easily make some bucks using Facebook which is one of the largest social networking service. I will explain each and every thing you need to know about "How to Make Money Using Facebook By Sharing Links ?" and some more cool things which you may need.

All of us need to make some good amount of pocket money from internet or in other ways "Earn Money Online Easily With Facebook". Well by reading this post you came to know that you have a numerous options to earn some good bucks. 

Making Money with Facebook By Sharing Links is something new for some of you since you may not heard about it. Many people are making some good amount by following these super cool methods. I will share some of the best techniques which i know from my experience.

How To Make Money On Facebook By Posting Links

Make Money On Facebook By Sharing Links

As the post title says you can make some bucks from Facebook easily by following the steps. If you play nice you can bank harder without any hard work. Below are the two successful methods to ear money from Facebook:-


In this post i am going to share the URL SHARING METHOD which is very easy to make money using Facebook. Infact you can also try affliate marketing also to earn some extra bucks. But you need to work more to get some money using this method.

How to Make Money By Sharing Links ?

Now i am going to explain all the techniques through which you can earn some money using Facebook. Some of you heard about URL SHORTENING sites which pays well for you. I will explain ach and every step to make money using Facebook but before that i will tell you about two sites which pays you very well for sharing links. is one of the best sites which pays really well for sharing links. You just need to Register an account on and shorten your links and they will pay for each and every visitor who visits via your links. Its simple and they pay very well as i have personal experience with them. They are really genuine and you can get payment once your accounts reaches 5$. is another genuine site which pays well for sharing links. Its different from and actually it is not a url shortening site. You need to Register an account and you can paste your links on board and share the links. For each visitor you earn money and they have a good pay out system.

Steps To Follow:-

So lets begin the techniques to earn money from Facebook which is very easy and each of you can try and make some pocket money or to cover internet expenses. Lets see what you have to do to earn money.

  • First you need to REGISTER on and which is very important.
  • Now Just go to Youtube or 9gag or any such popular site and note down the links of the top trending videos. (You can try Funny Videos, Movie Trailors, Serials etc which is very much popular) .
  • Now shorten the links using or paste the link on and get the respective links.
  • Moving to Facebook but before that you need to find out some of the popular Facebook Groups. (Try large groups)
  • Now just place your links in Facebook Group with a catchy title.
  • Believe me if you choose a trending video you will surely get thousands of hits and remember and pays about 5$ or more for one thousand visitors.
  • Just try different video links and you can earn money easily using this technique.

These are the some of the best method to earn money by sharing links in Facebook. If you are a newbie you will surely enjoy this method and pros please stay out of this. I admit that you need to find some good active Facebook Groups for sharing links. My friend recently shared list of some active Facebook Groups which may be useful for you.

List Of Active Facebook Group

Below you can find some of the active Facebook groups which is obiviously not owned by me. Just ignore if you don't need this.

I think you guys really enjoyed reading this post. I don't know if you really liked the concept of this post. But trust me i used to try these methods to earn some bucks during the initial days of my blogging career. You can join in these sites and they are 100% genuine as i have personal experience with them.

PS:- This post may feel little awkward for some of you. But i know a guy who is making atleast 100$ each month by using this technique and he is using bulk Facebook group poster and literally he is doing nothing and getting some bucks. So its really a worth try.

So what is your opinion about this cool method. Share you opions in the post and we will try to discuss more about it. You can also check out other cool posts from my side.



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